Thursday, February 25, 2016

Blog Change

I've had my blog for a couple of years now and have focused on issues that many of us find ourselves in.  Now that I'm retired, I now have some additional time to turn it into the blog I originally intended it to be.

I originally thought that I would just go about and make the changes to "Life's Little Challenges", however, I decided to keep this one as is and instead create a new blog: The Road to Frugality.

I've lived frugally most of my life and am very proud of it.  Being frugal doesn't mean being cheap which you will learn when you start making the journey.  Many of you will wonder what I gave up
 . . . not much (outside of marriage and children; unfortunately not meant to be for me).

During my journey I was careful with my income, yet I had my fair share of new cars, extensive travel and more as well as having built a decent retirement nest egg.  I've also helped many people financially and continue to do so the best way I can.  I've always wanted the opportunity to share what I've learned so coming soon is the new blog. I'm also developing a couple of my own product lines so please stay tuned.

Happy day all!

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