Friday, May 31, 2013


Hello all and welcome to my blog.

After much consideration I decided to try a blog of my own.  I did have some challenges finding a title and a web name for it and although not especially happy with it have decided to go with "Living Life's Challenges".

In my blog I hope to discuss a great number of topics all dealing with living including frugalness, budgeting, shopping tips, retirement, and more. I'm hoping to create a vehicle where we can all learn how to get through life's challenges. 

I am asking those of you who are parents to help me in that area as I have no children of my own, however, I want to be able to add topics pertaining to parenting as well.

My challenge today, taking my 93-year old mother for her eye doctor's appointment.

So, for now, I will go.  Will be back soon.