Friday, September 19, 2014

Putting People Out of Work - Really Sucks

Well, I just got some disheartening news yesterday.

My friend and co-worker received notice that they are putting her on a 60-day "furlough" for lack of work but if the situation remains unchanged by that time, it will become a permanent layoff.

While I completely understand the need to let people go at times, it's the type of people that get let go.

A few months ago, they terminated a man with a family consisting of 4 kids and his wife; giving him absolutely no severance. Fortunately for him, however, he found a job in 1 month, which is nothing short of a miracle in today's job market.

My friend, on the other hand, just got back from maternity leave after giving birth to a beautiful little girl. She is the prime breadwinner in her family with her husband working part-time in a fast food franchise. She will tell you she loves to work and enjoys coming into the office every day and from her positive attitude, she truly does.

So why I am so angry?

I'm angry because these are the type of people that are let go, while they keep the slackers, the two 20-something kids who come and go as they please, yet still manage to report adequate project time and overtime. Quite amazing considering they have done none of the work that they charged time to. They're never here.

Hopefully some day the wheel will turn and they will get hit between the ribs. Right now, though, I'm just saying a prayer for my very special friend, the daughter I never had.